Useful and varied tips for travelers to save money and travel more often and for longer

How to choose your next travel destination?

You want to go on a trip, but you are a bit lost and don’t really know where to go. Here are some tips to help you choose

List your desires

How about taking the trip of a lifetime? This country that you have dreamed of visiting for so many years, if you visit it next year? Too often we tell ourselves that we will do it one day, later, without really planning things. But unfortunately life sometimes makes this famous trip impossible. So carpe diem! List your top five dream destinations and start looking at what is possible. Such a trip is preparing!


Think about the budget

One of the factors that will help you choose a destination, or at least eliminate several, is the budget you are going to allocate for your trip. Going camping for a week in Quebec does not have the same financial consequences as going to Tokyo for 10 days in a hotel, for example. Reduce the field of possibilities with the money factor. What budget do you have? How much would the trip cost? The plane ticket, but also on the spot the food, the lodging, the leisures etc. Everything has to be calculated


Draw inspiration from others

Before going to see a movie or read a book, we often ask the advice of our friends and relatives. ” Did you like? “,” How did you find that? “. And depending on the answers, we will be more or less influenced. Word of mouth is one way to get an indication. You have a couple of friends returning from the Dominican Republic, ask them what they liked about their trip and also what they liked less. Were they in an all inclusive? Which? How was the food, did they go on any excursions, which travel agency did they ask for, were they satisfied with it? Others are a good source of inspiration, but at the end of the day, keep in mind that this will only be THEIR opinion, THEIR experience, so this is all very relative


As we often say, a photo is worth a thousand words. For example, by going to a photo-sharing site and typing the keyword travel in the search bar, you will access millions of photos, countries, cities, etc. Browse them, it is more than likely that you will find a destination that you like more than the others in less than a quarter of an hour

Use the internet

The whole world is just a few clicks away, at least as far as inspiration is concerned. Faced with the proliferation of destinations to discover around the world, it is not always easy to find vacation ideas. If you don’t have clear-cut ideas for your next destination, you can go online and get inspiration from travel sites and blogs like ours. Randomly through pages and hyperlinks, you will certainly end up stumbling upon a city or country that attracts you more than others. There are also dozens of videos / documentaries on a large number of destinations. Google is your friend! Fortunately, there are many sites that can help you decide what to do

How to find the trip of your dreams

Here it is, it’s vacation, we dream of the beach, fine sand and heat, or not elsewhere, if you dream of Lapland you have the right. In short, what we want, let’s be honest, is to get out of here. Well yes, after having worked like crazy all year, to have put up with the head of C … um sorry, the “not nice” head of his boss we deserved to decompress. Well yes, but to get out of there, you have to find a place to go, and there … a big galley looms

Imagine how many travel sites there are, seriously we didn’t even count to give you an example because just thinking about it hurts our head. Fortunately, some have realized that searching for hours for the perfect trip turns many of us off. Suddenly, they invented a super cool thing, sites that search for us. ULTIMATELY !! So to be clear, all you have to do is choose a destination and pack your suitcase, the rest depends on the site, the holidays are starting well, right? I see skeptics at the back of the class, so demonstration! You dream of Cuba! Let’s say you’re a farsighted person and you’ve saved up for a good trip. Go to and enter Cuba as the destination and the nearest airport. You then choose your vacation dates and presto !!! Here is a list of the flights available to you. So yes, you don’t just have to take care of the trip. you also have to find a super cool and inexpensive hotel (preferably). No problem, the little Hotel, Stay or Weekend insert will do the work for you. Okay, a weekend in Cuba is ridiculous, but the site also offers destinations all over the world. You can even book for several people. In short, it’s really hard work and frankly the performance is brilliant. So prepare your most beautiful swimsuits, this summer you are going far, in a country that has made you dream for years and without taking your head!