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Pattaya bar girls use YouTube to earn money during the pandemic

Customers who can’t visit the bar girls in Pattaya Thailand are now going to YouTube for a virtual, live tour. Just go to YouTube and type “Pattaya bar live” in the search bar. The region has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic with the ban on international tourists, hitting the local economy which was heavily dependent on foreign visitors. But it seems that many bars, which cater to a foreign male clientele, make money by catering to customers who aren’t even in Thailand. A number of videos and live streams are from different bars in Pattaya, it’s even possible to chat with the staff. According to the Pattaya News, the chats aren’t explicit, just a friendly chat between bar staff and men who are stuck in other countries and can’t make it to Thailand. Facilities have also been set up so that they can send money to these ladies

"To purchase a drink for staff, please click this link!

The Cherry Bar in Pattaya started livestreaming on YouTube, asking viewers to buy drinks for the staff. There is music, noise, jokes, innuendo, short clothes, overpriced drinks and too much eye makeup, just like in reality.  “To purchase a drink for staff, please click this link! 125 baht each, or ring the bell for 900 baht.” Apparently live streaming is working. According to Pattaya News, some bars have earned “tens of thousands of US dollars”. Some have a dedicated audience.  The Cherry Bar YouTube page started posting videos three months ago and features live streams as well as videos of parties and vertical bar dancing at other bars in Pattaya.  In Pattaya’s Walking Street, the bars have only a few customers left, mostly retired expats who have lived in Thailand for a long time.  Some foreign expats who frequent bars in Pattaya say they don’t like live streaming and fear being filmed without their permission. Others say staff ignore customers at the bar and are more attentive to customers online

Pattaya's Oh Bar joined YouTube in August

They have live videos at the bar as well as pre-recorded videos like this one, which asks the girls at the bar “What kind of customer do you like?”  Other businesses in Pattaya have changed since the pandemic.  Some are now marketing to a Thai clientele since the ban on international tourists. Hotels that once hosted foreign travelers have been turned into quarantine facilities for Thais returning home after staying abroad


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