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Young woman looking at Singapore bay


GETAWAY IN SINGAPORE - Going on a trip to Singapore means having the assurance of discovering a visionary and cosmopolitan country. According to the 2016 Juniper Research smart city ranking, Singapore is quite simply the smartest city in the world

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Day of the monsters in Salem Massachussets

Things to do in Salem

THINGS TO DO IN SALEM - Looking for fun things to do in Salem, Massachusetts? This historic city near Boston becomes the spookiest city on the planet the month before Halloween! But even though it’s far from Halloween, Salem is full of cultural, historical, and even spiritual sites

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The blue Buddha


DESTINATION THAILAND - Thailand is very appreciated by travelers from all over the world for its delicious cuisine, its very varied landscapes (seas, mountains, rice fields, plains, jungles…), its culture, its modern infrastructures and its welcoming population. It is a country of rare beauty and it’s hard not to fall in love with one of its many facets. It’s the land of smiles, Thai massage, muay thai, but also “mai pen rai”, a magic phrase that means “it doesn’t matter”

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Walking street women


HEADING ON PATTAYA - Pattaya is popular not only as a seaside resort and for its entertainment, nightlife and shopping, but also for its wide variety of activities: from golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, go-karting and shooting – not to mention a wide variety of water sports like scuba diving, jet-skiing, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and more

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Chao Phraya river Bangkok


WHAT TO DO IN BANGKOK - Looking for what to do in Bangkok? You are in the right place! An essential destination for a stay in the land of smiles, the city oscillates between modernity and tradition. Filled with stunning temples, historic sites, impressive palaces, ultra-modern buildings, markets and shopping malls, Bangkok’s attractions will fill your schedule for the day and the street festivities for the night. Thailand’s capital has no shortage of attractions, no matter what you like to do

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Bangkok rooftop bars

Bangkok Rooftop Bars: the top 12 must-sees

BANGKOK ROOFTOP BARS : The top 12 must-sees - Thanks to its countless skyscrapers throughout the city and a pleasant night climate all year round, Bangkok is the dream city for lovers of rooftop bars, or outdoor roof terraces. By Bangkok rooftop bars, we mean a bar and/or restaurant, at least partially in the open air, nestled on a terrace or the roof of a building of at least a few floors. The more the bar is located on a high floor, the more it will tend to be impressive and elitist

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Pattaya girls


PATTAYA GIRLS USE YOUTUBE TO EARN MONEY DURING THE PANDEMIC - Customers who can’t visit the bar girls in Pattaya Thailand are now going to YouTube for a virtual, live tour. Just go to YouTube and type “Pattaya bar live” in the search bar. The region has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems that many bars, which cater to a foreign male clientele, make money by catering to customers who aren’t even in Thailand

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Penis cutting

Penis cutting, another speciality of Thailand!

PENIS CUTTING, ANOTHER SPECIALITY OF THAILAND! - If you have a Thai girlfriend and are not very faithful then you should know that penis cutting is a specialty that makes Thailand also world champion in penis transplants. An outbreak of penile amputation in Thailand has led researchers to investigate what’s going on (and why ducks are involved in emasculation…). Maybe "you better go home or the ducks will have something to eat"

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Pattaya rooftop bars

pattaya bars

PATTAYA ROOFTOP BARS & WALKING STREET BARS - Famous for being one of the best nightlife destinations in Thailand, exciting Pattaya is full of places to party. From the chaos and cacophony of the colorful Walking Street to more laid-back beach bars or rooftop bars, Pattaya has no shortage of places to grab a late-night drink. Whatever your mood, you'll find a bar to suit you in Pattaya

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BARCELONA - The capital of modernism. When you walk through the city it is as if you were walking through an open-air museum. Let yourself be conquered by all the masterpieces full of color, history and magic in the streets of modernist Barcelona

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Stresa Italy


STRESA - Perched on the western shore of placid Lake Maggiore, the small seaside resort of Stresa is backed by the Alpine foothills of Monte Mottarone. This owes its fame to the proximity of the Borromean Islands and is particularly famous for its luxury hotels on a tree-lined promenade

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