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Getaway to Singapore

Going on a trip to Singapore means having the assurance of discovering a visionary and cosmopolitan country. A country that attracts more and more tourists in Asia. A visionary and cosmopolitan country. Archipelago composed of a main island and about sixty islets, Singapore has multiple geographical and tourist attractions. The capital of this small Asian country welcomes travelers in structures that are both authentic and luxurious Visiting this country, populated by many ethnic groups with overflowing ambitions, allows you to live unique experiences, both cultural and culinary

The City-State is a model in terms of smart city

A know-how that it exports all over the world, particularly to India and China
According to Juniper Research’s 2016 smart city rankings, Singapore is quite simply the smartest city in the world. This success is based on a strong political will based on the ambitious Smart Nation program, launched at the end of 2014, which covered the city with sensors and cameras of all kinds. But also on a very tech-savvy and over-equipped population: in 2014 already 9 out of 10 households had access to broadband Internet and 85% of the population had a smartphone

Infinite fields of possibilities

Digitalization of administrative services, optimized mobility, control of energy consumption, use of predictive intelligence thanks to big data, but also care given to ethnic diversity by district and even by building… Singapore is today an exceptional laboratory possibilities offered by the Smart City. “We tried to combine several things and see things from different angles because a sustainable city is not only a city that cares about reducing CO2 emissions but above all a city where life is good,” says Anil Das, Chief Innovation Officer of Singapore Government Agency JTC

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– Traffic was very congested at rush hour, especially in the morning between 8am and 9am. The Cité has set up free public transport for those who arrive at the office before 7:45 a.m. Many have taken advantage of this, which has helped relieve congestion on the roads – A system of very sophisticated urban toll, prices vary according to traffic – Very advanced development of autonomous vehicle experiences


Green spaces occupy half of the territory – On the electricity, gas or water bills, each consumer has information on their behavior, which is compared to the neighborhood averageAwareness rather than taxation; Singapore has taken a step ahead and dreams of becoming THE global laboratory for experimenting with the latest technological advances in Smart City, in order to better export them 

A mosaic of cultures

A mosaic of cultures, Singapore invites travelers to stroll through its neighborhoods with a thousand atmospheres, from Chinatown to Arab Street, from Little India to the Colonial District. There are not many places on the planet where you can visit a mosque, a church, a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, as well as Chinese and Japanese gardens in one day. Foodies will be in heaven, savoring the range of exquisite dishes with a thousand influences. A cruise aboard a colorful wooden boat allows you to sail up the Singapore River from quay to quay to admire the skyscrapers of the financial district, the monuments of the colonial district, the opera house, the theater, and the famous Merlion, half lion, half fish spitting water, one of the symbols of Singapore. We embark and disembark at Clarke Quay, the trendy district that comes alive in the evening. But the city-state is not just a skyline! Contrary to what one might think, Singapore is also a nature destination of choice with its many parks, its botanical garden, its world-famous zoo, and even its night safari. More than half of Singapore’s area is covered in greenery, while protected parks and nature reserves make up 10% of its area, or 3,300 hectares! On the island of Sentosa, on a bubble on its tropical beaches between two attractions in its leisure parks. A paradise for children!

Singapore: what are the cultural particularities

Singapore’s main distinguishing feature is its multi-ethnic character. Blaming its main neighbors who saw this great diversity as a potential danger, Singapore nevertheless managed to develop in a very stable social climate. It favors a policy favoring the harmonious cohabitation of different cultures, rather than a forced homogenization in favor of one of the three major ethnic groupsut this interventionist policy also had its limits. Indeed, in its desire to impose order and austerity, the government has also implemented an extremely severe policy of censorship and control of “deviant” behavior. For example, the consumption of chewing gum is simply prohibited throughout the country and cigarettes are prohibited in public places (fine of 1000 Singapore dollars). Cameras and automatic blocking systems equip the elevators to trap those who have the bad idea to urinate (there was indeed a wave of demonstrators who, in protest, began to urinate in the elevators). Crossing the road outside a pedestrian crossing can cost you S$50. Which is nothing compared to the S$1,000 for those who drop litter in the streets or are tempted to spit in public. Forgetting to flush a public toilet is also considered an offense punishable by a fine of S$150. Finally, it is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink or eat in the metro. The government, however, eventually abandoned the idea of penalizing smoking drivers or turning away male tourists with excessively long hair. As for drug use, it is punishable by 10 years in prison and/or a fine of 20,000 Singapore dollars. Trafficking is punished, at best, by 20 to 30 years in prison and 15 strokes of a cane; at worst, by the death penalty

Singapore Travel Tips

If you are in transit for a few hours and there is enough time, you can take a free city tour (ask at the special counter at Changi Airport). Do not miss a break at the Long Bar café on the 1st floor of the Raffles Hotel to savor the famous Singapore Sling cocktail. The only place in Singapore where you can throw anything on the floor, especially peanut shells! Singapore offers the opportunity to combine seaside, shopping and culture! The legislation in Singapore is very strict. Smoking even in the street within 5m of some hotels will cost you a fine of 500 euros! Do not throw your chewing gum on the ground, knowing that they are barely tolerated in your mouth! Drug trafficking is punishable by death. There may be random checks at the airport. If a urine test is positive, the law considers that the drug was consumed on the spot (for information, traces of cannabis-derived products remain effective for about 3 weeks). Even if the air is very humid (75%), the omnipresent heat can cause dehydration problems. So remember to drink a lot. Love the Singaporeans, who move around in air-conditioned basements, but watch out for the contrast in temperatures! Remember you are driving on the left! For short journeys, do not hesitate to try rickshaws: pulled by bicycle, this original and traditional means of transport will come back to you with a pittance

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What to see and do in Singapore

A visionary and cosmopolitan country

Archipelago composed of a main island and about sixty islets, Singapore has multiple geographical and tourist attractions. The capital of this small Asian country welcomes travelers in structures that are both authentic and luxurious. Visiting this country, populated by many ethnic groups with overflowing ambitions, allows you to live unique experiences, both cultural and culinary. In the heart of the modern city in perpetual evolution, the attractions of Singapore are numerous. The two casinos, the Marina Bay Sands complex, the Universal Studios theme park or the spectacular Gardens by the Bay make this small town a world tourist center. Do not hesitate to visit Merlion Park, where the emblems of Singapore stand out, and Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure, to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the country!

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What to buy?

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise. For the big brands, head to Orchard Road, the local Champs Elysées, where you’ll find the Hard Rock Café and Armani, Cartier, Vuitton and other Chanel boutiques! The best deals can be found during the big Singapore sale in June and July. At the Mustapha Muslim shopping center in the Little India district, you will find absolutely everything: jewellery, clothing, electronics, food… except cigarettes, alcohol and pork! Typically, department stores and malls are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. or even 9:30 p.m.

What to eat?

It is customary to say that Singapore is the gastronomic capital of Asia. There are indeed an incredible number of restaurants offering a wide variety of specialties at low prices. Chinese cuisine (Cantonese, Hainan, Hokkien, Sichuan, Teochow), fish and shellfish, vegetarian, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Nyonya, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Burmese, Taiwanese, Italian or French; there is something for everyone and at all prices, from simple restaurants to sophisticated restaurants in large hotels. But to eat on the go while enjoying the thousand Asian flavors, you absolutely have to go to a “hawker center”. “Peddlers” were once street vendors who sold their specialties by sitting on the sidewalks, equipped with small stools and tables. In these centers, a single dish costs between S$3 and S$5

Prestigious hotels and great restaurants

5-star residences generally offer gourmet restaurants, specializing in Indian or Singaporean cuisine. On the menu, fish curry, Rojak (vegetable salad) and Satay (meat skewers) dare to mix spices and flavors. Before catching their flight home, many stop for an afternoon of shopping on Orchard Road, Little India or Chinatown

Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Singapore has great beaches, so don’t forget your swimsuit! We recommend those on Sentosa Island. Bali and Phuket are only 2 hours away by plane, the Indonesian island of Bintan (there is a Club Med and a Banyan Tree in particular) 50 minutes away by boat, Malaysia 45 minutes away by car, Malacca and its strait 2 hours drive, and Kuala Lumpur the capital 4 hours drive

Weather report - Formalities - Security

The climate is equatorial, humid and hot all year round. Rainfall is abundant, especially from October to January, during the northeast monsoon. The best time to stay in this country is from May to September during the southwest monsoon – Average maximum temperatures: 0°C to 31°C whatever the period


A visa, passport valid for 6 months, return or later rickets is required


The delinquency rate is low, but, as elsewhere, some caution is in order

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