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The "Bleisure": business and leisure

“Bleisure”, or the mix between business and leisure
While some travel for pleasure, others go on business trips. And others combine the two, leaning towards a whole new concept: the “Bleisure”. A mix between the terms “business” and “leisure”. The idea? Make it easy for business travelers to extend their stay, in order to visit and enjoy the country’s culture. “Businesses need to meet the expectations of the new generation of business travelers, enabling them to discover destinations, use current technologies and applications» Explains Rispy Bandourian, Director of Product Development for Business. A service allowing companies to better manage their business trips, both in terms of organizational flexibility and the quality of the stay. “Bleisure” is an English term that comes from the contraction of “business” and “leisure”. Bleisure means for employees to take advantage of tourist activities during a business trip. Is bleisure the new trend emerging with the evolution of business travel? 

Combining pleasure and work during your trip is the new fashion that is democratizing. Travelers increasingly want to enjoy their weekends abroad after a few days of work there. It is an opportunity for them to discover a new culture, tourist sites and other leisure activities. It is a practice that has always existed, especially among company managers. What is really new is that this practice is now uninhibited, quickly adopted by the new generation to the point of having found a word for this trend! Is bleisure a trend made to last? More than ever, the resumption of business travel will be in accordance with Duty of Care and the well-being of employees. Environmental awareness can also contribute to the desire to extend the stay there, rather than travel long distance for short periods of a few days. Bleisure therefore seems to be lasting Especially since local activity benefits from bleisure since business travelers travel all year round (unlike the extremely marked seasonality of tourists who travel only for leisure)

Meeting new expectations: bleisure is made to stay

Business travel is too often considered to be reserved for a social elite, and therefore rewarding for business travelers. However, these business trips – especially abroad – are often a source of anxiety. Indeed, although business travel is perceived as a phenomenon reserved for senior executives, it is not neutral from an emotional and psychological point of view. These undesirable effects would obviously have consequences on the well-being and productivity of employees on the move. This is when bleisure takes on its full meaning. This practice makes it possible to combine business travel and soothing activities, whether they are moments of rest or with family, for example. Companies must therefore strike the right balance between a reasonable budget for the company and reducing stress for business travelers. The growing trends in well-being at work, in particular since the spread of teleworking with the covid crisis, point in this direction