Useful and varied tips for travelers to save money and travel more often and for longer

How to prepare well for your plane trip

A plane trip should be well prepared in order to avoid any problems on the day of departure. In addition, here are some tips so that you can endure it the best, especially on long flights. Discover tips and tricks for a successful plane trip with the list of things to remember before you take your flight. An item that you can use as a “Check-list”, allowing you to check that everything is in order before your departure at the airport

15 Tips to prepare for your plane trip

Are you flying soon and want to ensure concrete preparation? Discover 15 tips and tricks for a successful plane trip with the "check-list" of things to remember before your departure at the airport

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How to book your flight at the best price

A trip can be expensive if it is not well planned. Every traveler dreams of booking their plane ticket at the best price. Part of the cost of a trip is based on the price of the plane ticket, but how do you book a cheap flight?

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How to avoid the jet-lag after a long trip

Landed two days ago, but still seemingly out of power? No doubt, you are jet-lagged. It’s every globetrotter’s nightmare. As soon as a flight crosses more than three time zones, the human body is disturbed and reacts

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Six tips to sleep well on planes

Can we fall into the arms of Morpheus on a long-haul flight in economy class? On the occasion of the 21st World Sleep Day, a little practical guide to help you sleep in the sky

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Travel without return ticket

It’s not forbidden to travel without return ticket. However, it is becoming more and more common for airlines to ask you for one. Solutions to avoid problems

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Travel safety

Traveling independently is no more dangerous than cycling in Paris. You just need to take a few precautions and not let go of your guard. The main advice we give to anyone who asks us how to travel safely is to always listen to your instincts

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