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How to save money with a VPN?

There are several great reasons to use a VPN service, but the most interesting is not necessarily the most obvious. Did you know you can save big money by buying everyday goods, plane and train tickets, or booking hotels using a VPN?
Being able to connect virtually from any country in the world will save you money on your online purchases. Take the opportunity to treat yourself at a low price. Being in the right place is important when shopping online. It can be the difference between paying full price or saving a hundred euros for a plane ticket. 
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How does it all work and what is it all about?

The savings that you will be able to make with your VPN mainly concern large expenses such as hotels and planes. You probably know that when you visit airplane, train or hotel booking sites, you are tracked with your cookies and your IP address
The more you come back to the site to see a particular hotel or plane ticket, the more the site will know that you are very interested in the hotel or the flight. Thus, it will play on this factor to increase its prices. If you have a VPN, on the other hand, you are going to be able to save money, and we’ll show you how and why

Browse any site anywhere on the planet

A VPN lets you browse any site anywhere on the planet. Indeed you can bypass any geographic restrictions imposed by your country of residence. For example in some countries you cannot play for money at an online casino or make sports bets. Going through a VPN allows you to bypass this type of obstacle. If you are not familiar with Virtual Private Network (VPN) just know that it is software that you install on your computer that allows you to encrypt the data you send or receive. In practice, when you connect to a site you no longer go through your usual router, which means that the recipient does not know where the connection comes from. You can choose your location, for example Cairo, while you are in Dublin! Prices depend on your location
Prices vary depending on where you are. A plane ticket purchased from Dublin will not have the same price as if purchased from New Delhi. Research has shown that a Paris-New York ticket can cost up to € 50 cheaper if purchased from an IP address located in India. On the other hand, if the connection came from Ireland or France the price was much higher. This is also valid for a hotel room reservation. In some cases you can practically save up to € 200 just by being geolocated in France rather than England. The same goes for other services, such as renting a car while traveling for pleasure or business

Save money with a VPN

As briefly mentioned above, a VPN not only allows you to hide your IP address but also to change it by choosing a location. So although being in Dublin you may appear connected from Berlin or Karachi. Before making a purchase you can log into the merchant site from different places around the world and opt for the best deal. In some countries, for example for Black Friday or for Christmas, the sites make offers more attractive to residents. In this case, select the country concerned to appear as a national. The trick also works for several VOD services. For example with a VPN you can access the US Netflix catalog which is much larger and also enjoy a cheaper plan. Depending on which country you “appear” to be logged in, you can sometimes get up to 20% off a subscription. The same goes for music streaming platforms, they offer cheaper prices for the poorest countries

Appear each time as a new visitor

With your VPN, you will be able to change your IP address and therefore your location. Thus, at the same time, you will appear each time as a new visitor, but, in addition, you will be able to simulate a location in a country in which the prices displayed are lower. This is how the VPN will save you money for your internet purchases. Often, it will take patience to find better prices. One thing is certain, they really vary from country to country. Also, consider clearing your cache and going incognito to see other prices on display and save money with your VPN